New Richmond Ski Club

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Ski Club pairs with Trollhaugen to offer cheaper rates for students to ski or snowboard for one night a week for the entire of the sking season.


All forms for ski club can be picked up from Mr. Herron (ALC, Rm E126) or printed from the forms page on the New Richmond School District Website here.


Bus Information:

  • If you ride the bus to Trollhaugen, you MUST ride the bus back to the high school as well. If you do not ride the bus to Trollhaugen, you CANNOT ride the bus back to school.
  • Cost of transportation is $5.00 weekly, paid prior to leaving the high school.
  • Bus leaves High School at 3:30 pm. Wait in the commons by the normal bus drop-off area. I will meet you there,  take roll, and collect the $5.
  • Bus leaves Trollhaugen at 8:30 pm. There will be two warning calls at 8:00 pm and 8:15 pm. They can be difficult to hear, so it is your responsibility to know the time. If you are not on the bus on time, you will not be allowed to attend ski club the following week.
  • STAR PRAIRIE pickup/drop off will be at Bethany Lutheran Church: Pickup is about 4:15 pm and Drop off is about 9:00 pm.
  • Parents must pick students up in a timely manner. We should be back to the high school no later than 9:15 pm. If parents do not pick up students by 9:20 pm. you may not be allowed to attend ski club the following week.
  • All food/drink/snack wrappers need to be cleaned up upon exiting the bus.



  • Because Ski Club is a school sponsored event all of the school policies apply
  • No use of alcohol, tobacoo, or drugs
  • No swearing
  • No fighting
  • Treat all ski club members, chaperones, & Trollhaugen employees with respect
  • If you are on the academic imperative list, you will not be able to travel with the club